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Burglar Alarm System
Products: Hits: 1119Burglar Alarm System 
Brand: bluguard
型号: L900
规格: Security System
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order:
Total Quantity:
Delivery: days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2017-03-09 12:37

Bluguard L900 is streamlining a platform for intelligent security system, permitting all around 24/7 protections to your family. It embedded the tone feedback, call in/out functions, and home automation control under single coherent system.

Bluguard L900 offers the intelligent 9 zones system to protect your family, apartment or office at a competitive cost. It comprises tone feedback and call in/ out users via the conventional phone line as the primary line and optional GSM line as the backup line.

It offers the expansion room for optional module: GSM, Home Application and wireless solution as ease. Hence, customer will enjoy a low start up cost.


Product Features

  • 8 fully programmable onboard zones
  • 1 special onboard zone:
    — Panic button
    — Remote or keyswitch arm/disarm function with siren/ strobe light indication
  • 8 User codes + 1 Duress code + 1 Installer code
  • Built-in PSTN auto dialer
    — CMS reporting with Contact ID format
    —  Personal reporting with tone feedback (beep sound)
  • Double call feature to bypass fax/answering machine during call in
  • Auto ON HA points for zone alarm triggered
  • Adjustable zone response for sensitivity
  • Zone trip count feature to prevent false alarm
  • Keypad lock feature to prevent password guessing
  • Supports up to 4 Keypads, 2HA Modules (8HA points) and 1 GSM Module
  • External Watchdog
  • 485 communication bus


Compatible Accessories

  • Support 4ea 9-zone LED keypad
  • Support 2ea Home Automation Module (up to 8 points)
    — HA06 Home Automation Module (1-way switch)
    — HA07 Home Automation Module (2-way switch c/w IR learning)
  • Support 1ea GSM-200 GSM Module (9-zone)
  • Support 1ea wireless module
    — Unsupervised Wireless Module
    — Supervised Wireless Module