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Door Card Access System
Products: Hits: 3161Door Card Access System 
型号: EP3000
规格: Security System
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order:
Total Quantity:
Delivery: days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2017-03-09 12:38

EP3000 NEW COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Access Control System

Main Software Key Features

  • Complete attendance data for exportation to HR, Payroll or third party software
  • Managing details of users effectively
  • Setting of Time Zone for Door Access
  • Useful Online Data Monitoring

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System Controller

Technical Specification

Card Storage 5,000
Local Pin 10 sets
Transaction Events 10,000
Operation Mode Single Door Mode (In & Out Reader)
Dual Door Mode (2 In Reader)
Car Park Mode (In & Out Barrier)
Emergency Door Mode (2 Door Monitoring)
Card Number Reading 10 Digits
Anti-passback Local and Global Anti-passback
Holidays 60
Time Set 128
Time Zone 128
Access Level 128
Facility Codes Jantech 10 Sets Code
Support Keypad LCD Keypad , HID, Rosslare
Doors Interlocking Capability Yes
Provide Alarm Output Yes
Supported Readers RFID : 26 bits, 125 kHz
MIFARE : MFIS50/S70 , 13.56MHz
HID : HID 1326, 26 bits, 125 kHz
Communication RS232/RS485, TCP/IP (EP 3000N only)
Operating Voltage 9 VDC to 14 VDC
Operating Current 500 mA
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 66 °C
Dimension (PCB only) W 155 mm  x H 95 mm
MCU Speed 16 bits 24MHz
Memory 8MB Flash Memory, 512KB RAM
Supervised Input 4 TTL Inputs for Door Operation
4 TTL Inputs for Operation Aux. Input
Output 3 Relays Outputs, 2 Open Collector Outputs
On Board Buzzer Yes
Internal Back Up Battery Surge Protection Yes
Power Protection Resettable Fuse
Built in Calendar Yes
Built in Real Time Clock (with battery backup) Yes
Built in Power Up Reset Yes
Built in Watch Dog Reset Yes

Basic System Diagram



Host -PC Specification

Processor PENTIUM IV @ 2GHz (minimum)
INTEL CORE 2 DUO (recommended)
RAM 1 GB (minimum)
3 GB (recommended)
Hard Disk Space 4 GB (minimum)
Optimum Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Graphic Adaptor 32 MB
Media Device 48X DVD/CD-ROM Drive
Network Device 10/100 Base-T Network Adapter
Operating System Window 2000
Window XP Professional (SP1 - SP3)
Window Vista
Window 7
Optional Peripherals A sound card to play alert when an alarm event occurred
A printer to print reports

LCD Keypad Reader

Technical Data
Surface Finishing ABS
Type of Scanner RFID antenna
Dimension W 90 mm  x H 140mm x D 27mm
Card Technology RFID : 26 bits, 125 kHz
Type of LCD 2 x 20 Negative mode
Method RS 485
Baud rates 9600
Wiegand 26 bits
Temperature °C -10 ~ 70
Humidity (%) 20 ~ 80
Power Input DC 12V 100mA

Proximity Reader

Technical Data
Surface Finishing Polycarbonate
Type of Scanner RFID antenna
Dimension W 55 mm  x H 100 mm x D 15mm
Card Technology RFID : 26 bits, 125 kHz
Method Wiegand Output
Baud rates N/A
Wiegand 26 bits
Temperature °C -10 ~ 70
Humidity (%) 20 ~ 80
Power Input DC 12V 100mA

Exit Touch Button

Technical Data
Operating Voltage 10V to 20V DC, 15mA (4 wires System)
5V with 1k Ohm Pull High, 1mA (2 wire system)
Power consumption Less than 0.2W for 4-wire System
Less than 0.005W for 2-wires System
Weight Approx 80g
Dimension W 86 mm x H 86 mm x D 11 mm

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